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Since 1937, Mississippi's Leading Monument Family
Our low prices, quality products and good service means value For You!
We are a Full-Service Monument and Casket Dealership and
Sell Direct to the public for Pre-Need or At-Need Purchasing.

The years during and after the Great Depression were very difficult for most Americans. John Cullen Davidson of Sebastopol, MS, and Sudie Hesta Ingels of New Orleans, LA, began their married life together in the early 1930s in the midst of those hard times. Their desire was to have children and to embark on building several monument businesses throughout the state for their livelihood. Thus, the first Davidson Marble and Granite Works was established in 1937. 

Cullen and Hesta worked and saved for many years to make their monument businesses grow and prosper. Two of their four children, Rynnie D. Sanders and John Cullen "Skipper" Davidson, Jr. joined the family business. Skipper, who has been with the firm in Canton, MS since 1973, is president, his wife Debbie is treasurer and his oldest son Johnny is vice president. 

Grave monuments, memorials and signs made of granite, bronze and marble make up the bulk of sales. However, the Davidsons began selling caskets direct to the public in November 1999 and are genuinely convinced that this new product line will grow more and more in the future. We believe that the selling of caskets and monuments at the same location is a natural mix. Affordable Quality Caskets is a division of Davidson Marble and Granite Works of Canton, MS.

You Now Have a Choice

Over the past few decades, Americans have watched funeral prices soar, with the pace picking up even more in recent years. You now have a choice which can cut your funeral costs significantly. In 1994, a Federal Trade Commission ruling now gives you the right to purchase a casket from sources other than funeral homes. This ruling also denied funeral homes the right to charge a "handling fee" or to increase prices of other services. 

A Division of Davidson Marble & Granite Works, Inc. 

Since Affordable Quality Caskets opened for business, the company geared that they have legal rights in the death care process and that these rights open the door for a number of options that can cut funeral expenses significantly. You can visit our showroom and select from top-quality caskets with no pressure in a dignified atmosphere. We also have catalogs from our manufacturer with other models readily available to you °all at big savings. And once you make a selection, we will deliver to any funeral home within a 60-mile radius, at no additional charge. There is a modest charge for further distances. How much can you save? Our prices are almost wholesale! 

How To Take Full Advantage: 

  • Call us or visit our showroom so you can see the savings and the quality. 

Then ... 

  • Request the General Price List and the Casket Price List from your funeral director. The FTC requires funeral directors to provide you with this information. 

  • Have this information in your hands before you tell the funeral director that you are going to use a casket bought elsewhere. 

  • Once you have the proper price lists from your funeral director, tell them that you will be using your own casket and for them to subtract the casket from the itemized pricing. Remember that they cannot add on a "handling-fee" or increase the price of any other services already quoted on the itemized lists. 

Directions to our showroom: 

From I-55 take the 119  Exit to Canton. Then take the Southeast Frontage Road for 1/2 mile.

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